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Electro Magnetic Vibrators

VAIDEHI Electro Magnetic Vibrators are useful to provide a most effective method of obtaining the continuous and free flow of bulk materials from bins and hoppers,and through chutes. These vibrators are also used on screens to increase their capacity, to eliminate air pockets and voids on forms, on containers to increase their weight contents for packaging machines and other material handling equipments.

The Vibration is obtained through a spring floated body acted on by a, powerful electro magnet energized by the pulsating current provided through rectifier. The amplitude of vibration can be adjusted from zero to full by means of a controller furnished with each vibrator.

The electro magnetic of vibrators eliminates mechanical and pneumatic parts, bearings eccentrics, chains, belts, valves etc. And hence requires minimum of maintenance in the absence of the moving parts.


Trough Size in mm

(100 Lbs/cu. ft) 1600 kgs/cu. mt.

Thickness of
Hopper Metal

Power Consumption
Approx. Wt. of Vibrator
Normal Max Watts Amps  
3 Cu : Ft
1.5 mm
3 mm
7.5 kgs.
40 Cu : Ft
3 mm
5 mm
30 kgs.


1. To get maximum results the vibrators should be installed as near as possible to the point where the material likely to bulid up.
2. To select on appropriate model the following factors should be taken into account.
3. Weight of the material to be vibrated.
4. Percentage of mosisture contents.
5. Thickness of hopper chute or form


Electro Magnetic Vibratory Feeders

VAIDEHI Electromagnetic Vibratory feeders provide the most effective method of conveying bulk materials at desired flow or feed. Vaidehi Vibratory Feeders have extensive use in steel plants,ores ,mines,food, Packaging,Fertilizers,chemical,ceramice, glass and other allied industries. The variable control and elctro-magnetic operation enable the vibratory feeders to handle almost all types of bulk materials-hot, dump,lumpy,dusty or abrasive.

The vibratory feeders can be supplied for feed rate ranging from a few grams to 1000 tons per hour capactiy or even more.These feeders are easy to install and operate. The maintenance is negligible because of no moving parts like eccentics, bearings , gears , chains etc . Making the equipment most economical. Feeders meet the widespread demand for conveying bulk materials under positive control. These are available in wide ranges of sizes. The units are available for either base or suspension mounting type as required.

The feeder is an application of an Electro-Magnet to a suitable trough.Movement of the trough is obtained through a spring acted on by a powerful electro-magnet . working is synchronization with the periodicity of supply. The positive through action induces flow with almost negligible friction between the material and the trough. The capacities given for each feeder are based on handling dry sand or coarse materials, weighing 100lbs/cu.Ft. or 1600kgs./cu.mt. Capacities can be enhanced by increasing the down slop of trough and by using wider skirt boards.

Standard Size


Trough Size
in MM

(100 Lbs/cu. ft) 1600 kgs/cu. mt

Power Consumption

Base Mounted
1 M Tonnes
80 watts
Base Mounted
5 M Tonnes
120 watts
Suspension Type
10 M Tonnes
175 watts
Suspension Type
20 M Tonnes
250 watts
Suspension Type
50 M Tonnes
450 watts
Suspension Type
100 M Tonnes
1200 watts


Electro Magnetic Bowl Feeder

VAIDEHI electro-magnetic Bowl feeders are an asset to industries involved in automatic assemblies ,testing inspection and finally packing them in mass production . These units provide desired orientation of components in line feeding to processing assembly and packing operations at high feed rates. They can handle components made of metal, rubber, plastic , ceramic , glass etc. Without causing any damage to them.

The feeder consist of an electromagnetic vibrator unit , having a rigid base and a light top disc connected to the flat springs, vibrates at 3,000 vibrations per minute. The bowl fixed on the top of the vibrator unit gets the required vibration resulting in movement of the component in the bowl.

The bowl is provided with a track going upward, in such a manner that the parts while moving up gets desired orientation. The feed rate can be controlled to the required level by a regulator provided in the controller. The bowl is made of stainless steel. The bowl feeders are available from 150mm dia to 1000 mm dia . The selection depends on the size, type of orientation and feed rate of the components. Optional: PU Lining and sensor controllers are available on request.


Electro Magnetic Vibratory Table

VAIDEHI Electromagnetic Vibratory Tables are mostly used in electrical & electronic assemblies where vibration testing is required to check dry soldering and is also useful in packing compact of fluffy and difficult to handle powders in industries. The vibration is obtained through electromagnet which is housed inside a solid bottom plate and a top platform which vibrates at 3000 vibration per minute.

Each table is supplied with a control panel to operate and control the amplitude of vibration.

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