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Magnetic Drum Separators

VAIDEHI Permanent Drum Type Magnetic Separators are used for applications requiring automatic separation of several difficult-to-separate magnetic particles from non-magnetic materials processed in bulk quantity. These are widely used in various processing industries for separation of iron impurities from Minerals, Ores, Chemicals, Food, Fertilizers, Glass, Cement, Abrasives, Flour, sand and many other products.

The Drum consists of a cylindrical fixed permanent magnetic assembly with a 210 peripheral magnetic field as shown in figure. The drum shell of non-magnetic stainless steel revolves around the magnetic assembly, which has uniform magnetic field across the entire width of the drum. As the materials which are fed evenly through a vibro- feeder, fall over the drum, a powerful magnetic field attracts and hold iron particles to the revolving shell. The non-magnetic separated material falls freely from the shell while iron particles are automatically discharged at the other end.

he permanent magnets used are of Anisotropic type, latest in magnet technology, having much more pulling force with longer magnet arcs than any other magnet material. Double & Triple Drum Type separators are available for highest purity as the material passes through the magnetic field twice and thrice respectively.

The Drum Separators are available in different diameters from 300mm to 600mm and width 400mm to 1200mm. Other size can also be made against specific requirements.


Plate Separators

VAIDEHI Permanent Magnetic Plates are widely used for removing tramp iron such as Bolts, Nuts, Wires, Nails and other ferrous contaminations from free-flowing materials to protect machines. Plate Magnets can ideally be used to remove tramp iron from moving material carried in chutes, ducts, or on Conveyer belts; screens and feed trays from plastic paper pulp, food, fertilizer, oil seeds, grains and other such materials to get iron-free end product.

These plates magnets are available in different sizes against specific requirments.


Hopper Magnets

VAIDEHI Hopper Magnets are used to remove iron particles from plastic, Rice, Dall, Flour among others. It also helps protect extruders, molding machines and Rice/Flour/Dall Mills from nails, bolts, nuts etc. The high power Magnetic Rods holds the iron particles firmly when the material is passed through the grill. To ensure better efficiency, the Hopper Magnets are manufactured Double Deck type.

These Hopper Magnets are available in both round and square shape as per the sizes shown.


Floor Sweeper

VAIDEHI VAIDEHI Magnetic Floor Sweeper is widely used in collection of scraps from the shop floor, foundries & machine shops. The foot lever is provided to help remove the scraps.

The sweeper is mounted on wheels with handle and is available in three sizes.


Magnetic Sheet Floats

VAIDEHI Magnetic sheet floats are widely used in press shops. When a magnetic sheet float is placed along a stack of MS Sheet, it generates a gap between
few upper most sheets and makes it easy to remove the upper sheet from the stack to feed the power press and in process, improves the feed rate/press strokes.

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